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Bow tie blue white striped structure bow tie Fabio Farini noble shine cross tie

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Size 12x7 cm

Fabio Farini bow ties are basically characterised by the exceptionally high quality of the materials and the best workmanship. Fabio Farini is known for stylish and extraordinary design: classic or young and modern - but always top-fashionable and a touch more noble. The wide colour spectrum of the Fabio Farini bow tie collection always opens up new combinations of suit, shirt and accessory. Because we want every man to always be perfectly dressed!

With every Fabio Farini bow tie you hold in your hands the result of high-quality tailoring and the experience of many years of bow tie making. Each bow tie is a handmade unique piece.

This is what makes microfibre bow ties so attractive:

- Microfibre flies shine like silk


- Microfibre flies feel like silk


- Microfibre flies are easy to clean

Material: 100% polyester (microfibre)

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